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Ubisoft will provide more "cutting edge" games for free, but will not abandon AAA games

Ubisoft will provide more “cutting edge” games for free, but will not abandon AAA games

Similar to development in CoD and Warzone.

Ubisoft rethinks. Each year the big and premium AAA releases will be mixed with high-quality free-to-play options in series like Doctrine killer And the far cry. It shows in budget CFO Frederick Doggett further explains:

This is an evolution in purely financial communication and does not alter the fact that we still expect a high-tempo in content delivery including new releases that are premium, powerful and free to play.

In plain language, it looks like they want to be less dependent on AAA games in the future. It was recently confirmed Heartland division An example of how the big Ubi series multiplies free to play.

The message is not well received at all levels, and there are rumors that Ubisoft will replace AAA games with free-to-play games as before. Sean Lama, analyst at Ubisoft tweet The news is not very exciting. Free-to-play should simply be a bigger part of the future sales cake, and it shouldn’t be seen as fewer titles won. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The content mix expands and does not change.
A good comparison is the evolution of CoD since Warzone.

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