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12 ryskägda lyxyachter kvarhållna i Nederländerna

Twelve Russian-owned luxury boats have been detained in the Netherlands

Dutch authorities have decided to detain 12 super boats currently under construction for wealthy Russians. Boats will not leave the yards until it is determined that the owners are not subject to EU, US or UK sanctions. Rob writes the report.

The Netherlands has detained a dozen super boats for construction for rich Russians until their owners are checked and removed from the ban list. This was stated by the Minister of External Affairs Wobke Hokstra In a letter to the Dutch Parliament, Rob writes the report.

“The situation at the moment is that 12 boats are under construction in five yards for the so-called ultimate real owners of Russia,” Hoxtra wrote, insisting that the ships should not be delivered.

Close associates

The decision follows the capture of a 254-long tango boat in Spain on Monday. A ship owned Victor WexselbergClose ally of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The crutch was seized here, according to a police source Igor ChechinRob, CEO of Russian oil company Rosneft, writes the report.

Another Chechen boat, the Amore Vero, was also captured in the past.

Several luxury boats were confiscated

Among the boats that met the same fate was the 192-foot-long Phi, which was captured in London shortly before departure by British authorities. Rob writes the report.

The 236-foot luxury boat Axioma was captured in Gibraltar. Dmitry PambianskyThe leader of TMK, Russia’s largest steel and pipe manufacturer, is new to the EU sanctions list.

Affects the maritime sector

Now, like the Netherlands, interfering with the construction of many boat orders can create waves on the water in the maritime sector, with nearly $ 85 billion of Russian assets in the Netherlands, of which $ 50 billion belongs to Russians. In the list of obstacles.

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In addition, 10 percent of boats over 100 feet currently under construction will be owned by Russian owners; Rob writes the report.

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