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Trump's name may not be removed from ballots

Trump's name may not be removed from ballots

The decision relates to the Colorado Supreme Court’s announcement, last December, that Trump could not be on the ballot in Colorado, due to his participation in the storming of Congress in Washington, and thus the rebellion against the Constitution, on January 6, 2021.

They pointed to the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which states that anyone who has engaged in rebellion against the Constitution cannot be elected to public office. But now the decision has been overturned by the Supreme Court and Donald Trump can be on the ballot.

– The court did not decide whether Trump participated in the rebellion against the US Constitution. They avoided this question, noting only that individual states did not have the right to disqualify candidates for national elections, according to Fouad Yousfi.

So the question of whether Trump participated in the storming of the Capitol was irrelevant for them to consider according to the Supreme Court, because they believe the Constitution does not allow states to decide to remove candidates from the ballot.

Trump campaign continues

The court's decision means the former president can continue his campaign and become president again.

If the court had decided that Donald Trump could not be on the ballot, the next president of the United States would not have been named Donald Trump. But now Trump can continue his campaign, says SVT's US correspondent.

More legal concerns

After the court's decision, Donald Trump wrote “Big win for the USA” in a post on the platform Social truth.

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Trump still faces several legal concerns.

He has civil legal cases against him in addition to the cases in which he faces 91 different charges. It's a big mountain for Trump to climb before the November election, but this was the most important thing to him, says Fouad Yousfi.