Trump Used Royal Family To Promote Developments, Claims

US President Donald Trump used the British Royal family to ‘gin up’ publicity for his property developments for a number of years, CNN claim.

The report alleges that between 1981 and 1995 multiple claims that members of the Royal family were joining Trump properties, which likely originated from Trump himself, appeared in New York tabloids and national papers. These included a 1983 claim that Prince Charles and Princess Diana were planning to buy a $5m apartment in the then newly launched Trump Tower in New York.

The article says that Buckingham Palace repeatedly refuted or ‘batted back’ the claims. It says Trump’s biographies claim he originated the stories and that, although Trump denies doing so, he does admit he furthered the publicity value of them by refusing to confirm or deny them once they emerged in the press.

These claims, whether fact or fiction, certainly suggest Donald Trump is a shrewd operator in PR as well as property. Observers might wonder whether, during his recent state visit, he made the Royal family any special offers on what is now an apparently unwanted Trump Tower.

Source CNN
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