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Trump to prosecutors: Don’t trust me

Trump to prosecutors: Don’t trust me

James claims that from 2011 to 2021, Trump regularly provided grossly inflated values ​​for his real estate empire. At worst, the amount was 40% too much, more than $2 billion (more than SEK 20 billion).

The goal was to obtain better terms from trading partners and banks, and in this way Trump received “hundreds of millions of dollars the wrong way.”

“Does not mean anything”

According to the same prescription, the former president and his family instead depreciated their property in cases where it reduced taxes.

Trump dismissed the allegations as a “witch-hunt” and called black prosecutor Letitia James a racist. And in the now-published interrogation quotes, he claims that makes up for what he told the banks, because there was a caveat in the documents.

– There is a sentence meaning: Do not believe this mandate, go out and do the task yourself. This information is “worthless,” and doesn’t mean anything, Trump said in the interview quotes, the Associated Press news agency reported.

It is not intended that you believe an iota of what we say.

We want to ban food

The case is a civil suit that James seeks to settle without trial. The first hearing will take place three weeks later, on 22 September, and if the judge still wants a trial, it will begin on 2 October.

In any case, Trump is not expected to have to testify again. And unlike the pending cases over his attempt to overturn the 2020 election results, he does not face the risk of imprisonment in this case. James wants to punish him with a $250 million fine and a ban from working in New York.