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Filippa is found where Emelie Meng disappeared

Filippa is found where Emelie Meng disappeared

In the summer of 2016, 17-year-old Emily Meng disappeared without trace after a night out with friends in Corseur, the same place where 13-year-old Philippa was found on Sunday after she disappeared on Saturday.

When Emily Meng disappeared, the police investigation was marred by errors and errors of judgment. At first, the police operated on the theory that she had run away to Copenhagen for a man.

A few months later, on Christmas Eve 2016, the girl’s body was found in a damp area west of Copenhagen.

The killer is still at large

The police were able to prove that she was the victim of a crime. But it is still unknown to this day who killed her.

Several years after Emily Ming was found murdered, it turned out that the special police team, which investigated the signals of the phones used in the area where the girl had disappeared, used an IT program that contained serious errors.

After criticizing the police action in an open letter, in 2019 Emily Meng’s family met with then-Justice Minister Søren Pape-Poulsen.

Lawyer: “Of course.”

Now Emily Meng’s family attorney, Mae-Britt Storm Thegesen, wants to investigate any connections between the cases.

– When the police investigate such cases, it is normal that they also consider other unsolved cases. Then it’s normal to do it this time too, you say.

In the search for Emily Meng’s killer, police investigated a retired man and searched his home five times, before suspicions were dropped. This house is located about four kilometers from the house where 13-year-old Philippa was found on Sunday.

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The partner is not excluded

The house where Philippa was found belonged to a 32-year-old man who was arrested in the same house. According to the plaintiffs, he moved Philippa between two addresses. One in Suru, then to the man’s house in Kursur.

The hearing was held on Monday behind closed doors. The reason is that there could be another perpetrator at large.

After a tip-off, the police entered the 32-year-old’s home. A spacious house with a large garden in the idyllic villa he bought just two years ago, a few years after he had announced himself that he had secured a managerial job, which he proudly displayed on social media.

– At present, the presence of a partner cannot be ruled out. The investigation should clear that up, says prosecutor Susan Blum, according to Danesh TV2 East.