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TPM stopped?  “tpm device not detected”

TPM stopped? “tpm device not detected”

A few days ago, I got a yellow triangle under Device Security in Windows Security in Windows 11.
When I click More, a message appears saying “Local Security Authority Protection has been stopped”

When I run tpm.msc I get an error message but when I look in the BIOS everything looks fine ie TPM is enabled.

Of course, I’ve tried restarting the computer etc but same result.

The TPM has been on since I installed Win 11 about six months ago and I haven’t had any problems so far, the problem also didn’t come up with a BIOS update or something like that, but it’s been the same since installing Win 11.
Almost as if the TPM itself had suddenly broken, hardware error, but then it wouldn’t show up in the BIOS as active and running, would it?

I have the latest windows updates and I haven’t detected any system errors in general everything works, except that Windows Security warns with its yellow triangle.

Gigabyte x570 Aurus Elita motherboard, BIOS version 37
Ryzen 7 3700x

There is a new BIOS on the Gigabyte website, but it is a beta version (38a, I have 37), is it worth a try? Or maybe reset the BIOS?
I really don’t know where to start digging into this…
The alternative is to just ignore it because it has no consequences (yet…) but it’s not really in my nature to ignore things like this


thank you In advance!

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