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Tourism disagrees on the road map of England

Dancer: The Prime Minister’s announcement sets the ambition that people should travel before summer

British Association of Travel Agents (APDA) commends UK Government’s decision Holidays overseas can start from May 17th. In the words of its CEO Mark Dancer, he considers “the Prime Minister’s announcement to set the goal of getting people to travel before summer.” “Important for travel companies, its revenue has dried up”As well as “for millions of people who wish to travel again, to see friends and family abroad or for a much-needed vacation.”

In this sense, the association considers that “the government has responded to our calls to engage with the industry on a specific route map for travel”, and Welcome “Global Travel Working Group to meet again to work with APDA on the Movement Reopening Project.” However, they reiterate that the situation is complex and seek personalized financial assistance from travel agents and tour operators, recognizing the “need for travel companies to seek financial assistance in the coming weeks”.

Similarly, following the news of Boris Johnson, EasyJet has on sale more flights and vacations than ever before by 2022, offering customers additional options to book quickly and cheaply. If this is why Air bookings in the summer increased by 337% The UK has been one of the preferred destinations to visit in a week since the announcement of the expansion plan with Spain. Aerial data show that August, July and September are the most sought after months Malaga, Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Ibiza or Palma As important places.

As Javier Cantara, Managing Director of EasyJet, Southern Europe, said, “The British Prime Minister’s speech has given much-needed impetus to the confidence of many of our UK customers, and demand for aircraft has increased by 337% Y Holidays up to 630% Compared to last week. “Therefore, he asks that the same expansion plan be transferred to Spain.” The Spaniards also want to travel and travel safely, “he explains,” so we believe it’s important to be there. A national expansion plan involving the tourism sector to provide confidence and reactivate One of the most important sectors in Spain “.

WTTC considers it too late

In contrast, this belief of ABDA and EasyJet is not reflected in the World Travel and Tourism Council (WDTC). Its chair, Gloria Guevara, has been accused of “delaying international travel, at least until mid-May”. This sector simply does not survive, which means that the struggling companies may disappear. “ He laments that “the sector was hoping for a quick return”, for which he notes “a general uproar in the news.”

Thus, Guevara warns that the international movement will return “It simply came to our notice then The sector produces 231,000 million euros of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and maintains nearly four million jobs. “Travel and tourism is one of the most diverse sectors in the world, and delaying the reopening of travel will have a profound impact on the nearly three million jobs affected by the restrictions imposed on Govt-19,” he added.