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Top 3: Electric bikes with super cool technical functions

Top 3: Electric bikes with super cool technical functions

Why these three?

What the three bikes I’ve listed here have in common is that they’re not just electric.

They are all taking the opportunity to develop apps and services that make them smarter and more fun for people (like me) who like to play with tech gadgets.

Just like the latest electric cars, these three bikes are close to becoming computers, where software and hardware together create the experience.

All three have an automatic transmission, a chain that has been replaced with a single carbon strap, and LED lights integrated into the bike. They are built for the future and not as an electric version of yesterday’s bikes.

In terms of design, it’s nicer than most of the electric bikes you see on the street scene now. And if you’re willing to spend 23-26000 SEK to get a bike, it won’t hurt if the bike is great too.

But most of all, both Cowboy and VanMoof have received really good grades and the bikes keep getting better.

Veloretti electric bikes are brand new and up for sale. But they also received good praise in the first tests.

However, I am already looking forward to following up when the new bikes hit the streets. For electric bikes, our latitudes should play a big role in the electrification of our transportation like cars.

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