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Intel "Alder Lake" processors get a maximum power of 540W

Intel “Alder Lake” processors get a maximum power of 540W

The upcoming Intel Core 12000 “Alder Lake” series of processors is scheduled to be launched at the end of the year. However, it appears that a step towards a new node and a new generation also means an increased thirst for power, compared to the Core 11000 series. HXL User Image showing Intel’s recommendations for 12V power supply, which comes from the power supply according to the image stamp Fcpowerup.

According to the image, these are the same four classes of TDP as the previous two generations. The same applies to DC numbers except for the last category. Thus, it is not limited to the next generation of graphics cards It is rumored to be as energy hungry as 500 watts (W) – Based on peak values, Core 12000 series processors can theoretically drop a maximum power of over 500W.

TDP . value

Peak value (A)

Max Power (W)


165 watts



+ 12.5%

125 watts



+ 14.7%

65 watts



+ 28.3%

35 watts



+ 24.2%

The differences are greater at peak value, with increases of more than 20 percent for certain segments, compared to the previous two generations. The largest increase is for processors with a TDP of 35W and 65W, which increase by 24.2 and 28.3 percent, respectively. However, since the TDP value does not have to correspond to the electricity budget, it is not surprising that it exceeds the values ​​stated there.

In addition, it is important to take into account that these are just upper values. Processors generally have a nominal power budget called “PL1”, which defines the level at which the processor will bond during long-term loading. The figures in the image and the table represent a temporary increased power budget that is only allowed to be accessed for a very limited period, shorter than 1 second, under maximum load.

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