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Today's time for young people to say no to the monarchy

Today’s time for young people to say no to the monarchy

Wanting to abolish the monarchy or want to use the words ‘Republic’ and ‘Sweden’ in the same sense cannot be the attractive youth in our country. But, in practice, this is one of the most important problems we can face. As a young person today you have to ask yourself the question: Should Sweden continue the hereditary monarchy without voting for president?

During the years we go to school, we learn about the selection of Swedish kings, Queen Christina and various wars. There is nothing wrong with that because it is a part of our history.

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Sweden has been a state for a long time. However, the idea that whoever rules the population of a country gets that power within his family is completely absurd. Realizing this as early as the 18th century, the French revolted against their king. The Americans left the Kingdom of Great Britain in the same century and have had a republic ever since. In Sweden, ten kings sit on the throne at the same time. It does not seem very democratic.

The king’s mission is not the same as before. Now the Prime Minister rules the country. The mission of Carl XVI Gustaf was, in practice, to cut ribbons for new bridges and to woo his citizens. In the meantime, every year we pay millions to the royal family.

Today’s youth need to think about what our Sweden should look like as we age. Do we see the King’s daughter inheriting the title and gaining a powerful position in the country or do you want your daughter to get that opportunity too?

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