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TN Direct – Polls are closed in Great Britain

TN Direct – Polls are closed in Great Britain

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State Minister Ulf Kristersson presents the new national security strategy together with Defense Minister Paul Johnson and National Security Adviser Henrik Landerholm.

Sweden's new national security strategy focuses on three areas, National Security Adviser Henrik Landerholm said.

• Safe Sweden. Focusing on external threats, speeding up Sweden's integration into NATO, working for a more efficient EU in terms of security policy, maintaining support for Ukraine and resisting Russia's expansion of power.

• Internal security. To work for a safe and united society and trust. Institutions and basic social functions must deal with the threats of system-threatening crime and work to stop the growth of a parallel society.

• Elastic and competitive Sweden. The country must be able to “absorb the blow when crises and trials come” and bounce back. Improving government management capacity in crisis, supply preparedness, safeguarding economic security and strengthening competitiveness.

He made the announcement at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Ulf Kristerson and Defense Minister Pål Jonson.

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