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Three tips to reduce the risk of a mobile phone catching fire

Three tips to reduce the risk of a mobile phone catching fire

Electrical safety

Fires caused by cell phones are rare but increasing. Here are three tips on how to reduce your risks.

Always use original chargers or reliable products

The Swedish Electrical Safety Authority recommends products bearing the CE mark, but this mark is so easy to counterfeit that it means little in practice. Instead, we recommend using chargers from trusted brands or third parties. The mobile phone manufacturers themselves, of course, but there are also accessory manufacturers, especially those in the EU, that you can trust. Examples of third-party manufacturers you can rely on include Anker, Belkin, Deltaco, Baseus, and Smartline.

Check chargers and cords regularly and replace broken products

This is good advice. Do not continue to use cracked cords or loose chargers. Not only is it annoying when there is a gap, but because the risk of a short circuit increases dramatically.

Never use a damaged battery

Easier said than done, how do you know if your mobile phone battery is damaged? We mentioned two signs, that the device feels unnaturally warm and the back of the phone bulges due to a swollen battery. On Samsung and Apple mobile phones for example, you can also get a battery health measurement in Settings. A worn-out battery is not the same as a damaged battery, but the risk of damage increases if the battery is worn out.

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