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Three Börsveckan buying tips – and three stocks you can do without

The newspaper chose to contact a number of real estate companies and reported that Atrium Ljungberg, like many of its competitors, had been hit by the stock exchange. Despite this, the stake is not a straightforward find, but the good financial position of the company and its exciting projects mean that the risk in the stock according to stock exchange week is low. Recommendation buy.

Nyfosa has invested heavily over the past year and has earned a good return on this. However, since the company, according to the newspaper, has a high rate of short-term and variable loans, and short bonding periods of capital, the result may come under significant pressure in the future.

“Nyfosa may be good in a few years, but no stock is attracting in 12 months in these turbulent times,” Pursvikan wrote.

Platzer has many interesting projects, but the rating was estimated to be relatively high. Additionally, fixed interest rates and office vacancies speak against the stock according to Börsveckan, which chooses to keep waiting for Platzer.

According to Börsveckan in March, recruitment firm Dedicare made an interesting acquisition by acquiring H&P Search, which focuses on recruitment and careers in the life sciences. On the downside to the stake is the fact that Dedicare is judged to be highly reliant on clients in the form of the Stockholm region, which accounted for about a quarter of last year’s sales. In addition, there are political risks in the business according to Borzvikan, but the board will still buy when it feels the stock is “too cheap.”

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Since the investment company Link’s listing, it’s been listed about a year ago as an index, which according to Pursvikan is partly about the holdings of the publicly listed company slowly trending lower and partly about a lower premium to the material. Lynk describes it as difficult to assess and according to the paper, it helps that investor like founder Bengt Goulander’s way of building companies, as much of the issue has to do with Lynk’s business nose. The 40 per cent material premium does not attract Pursvikan to buy and the municipality will wait.

Concejo investment firm’s main holding company is wholly owned Firenor, which suffered a major loss last year. The 30 percent discount also indicates lower investor confidence, Pursvikan wrote. Despite this, today’s assessment according to the paper means that the risk/reward is adequate enough to buy an opportunity.