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Thousands protest in Sudan - DN.SE

Thousands protest in Sudan – DN.SE

Witnesses told Reuters that the demonstrators were carrying Sudanese flags and pictures of those killed during previous protests against the military coup.

Polisen ska ha avfyrat tårgas mot demonstranterna.

Abdallah Hamdok was released from house arrest, which he was forced to do after the military coup at the end of October, one of the Prime Minister’s employees announced.

The source told AFP that the house arrest was lifted from Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and the forces guarding his house withdrew.

Major General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, who is behind the military coup, and Abdullah Hamdok reached an agreement on Hamdok’s return to his position and the appointment of a new government of technocrats, announced before that the head of the opposition Umma Party, Fadlallah Burma Nasser. Nasser was present during Saturday’s negotiations between military and civilian politicians.

All politicians who were imprisoned during the coup will also be released, according to the agreement which is expected to be announced later on Sunday.

The coup in Sudan was condemned by a united world and large sections of its population, who, despite violent attacks, were protesting against the army almost daily. At least 40 protesters were killed during the protests.

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