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This will make your business more sustainable – in just a few months

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Today, it is no longer a matter of having well-written strategies around sustainability. More stringent requirements for transparency and results mean that companies, municipalities and other businesses must already be able to report on what they intend to do in order to move closer to the UN’s global sustainability goals.

– We can’t wait. We cannot afford it, neither in terms of time nor in financial terms. The whole of society must be involved in the work of change, and companies have an important role to play in accelerating development, says Medina Sundstrom, head of vertical sales at Siemens, a company that has helped its longtime customers become more efficient and more sustainable.

She is supported by her colleague Maria Gram, Head of Process Automation at Digital Industries at Siemens.

Sustainability has always been a priority for Siemens and is reflected in our strategy, technology, portfolio and production. In other words, a large part of our DNA. We were among the first to set goals for 2030 with regard to our carbon footprint. Siemens has made great progress in terms of what its own business generates, for example in production, but also in the characteristics of the offices in which we operate. And now we want to help our customers take the same journey.

direct commercial risk

Recent world events have really put everything on its head. For many companies, for example, higher energy prices mean direct business risks – making it all the more urgent to deepen their sustainability business.

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Sustainability has been discussed for a long time, but we feel that more and more people want to go from word to action in their operations, says Maria Gram. Digitization is an enabler as there are great opportunities to save resources.

But how can you make a real difference in your business? For inspiration and participation, Siemens invites you to a free webinar series under the theme “Can your business become more sustainable in just seven months?” Companies that have seriously embarked on their sustainability journey are highlighted in three different webinars.

In this series, we present metrics that can make a big difference in no time. Through data-driven action, decisions can be made based on data that in turn can help conserve Earth’s resources and achieve sustainability goals, says Medina Sundstrom.

Artificial intelligence to prevent floods

For example, you mentioned how AI is being used in the UK to prevent floods.

– When it rains heavily, there is a risk of sewage leakage. This can be prevented by using smart technology. By analyzing weather data, you can use artificial intelligence to decide on measures much earlier than when you are at risk of flooding. This is a very exciting area, where digitization becomes really useful.

Other areas where digitization is critical to operating more sustainably are in the improvement of production lead lines and the use of an intelligent energy management system. This is also covered in our webinar series – so don’t miss it!

What do you think: Can your business become more sustainable in just seven months? Read more and sign up for our free webinars here.

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