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This wasn't a game — now the YouTube star is buying back NFTs

This wasn't a game — now the YouTube star is buying back NFTs

The acronym NFT has been on everyone's lips for a couple of years. Non-fungible tokens, a type of digital proof of ownership using blockchain technology, would redraw capitalism and revolutionize art.

When the hype was at its peak, it was sold The cheapest photo of a bored monkey costs $400,000equivalent to about 4.4 million Swedish krona.

Many celebrities have caught on to this trend. One of them was a YouTube star Logan PaulKnown, among other things, for martial arts, the launch of children's favorite drink Prime, and controversial clips. In 2021, he will take a new tack and launch the game CryptoZoo, where players can buy, sell and breed virtual animals using cryptocurrency.

But there was no game – despite the fact that fans spent several million on NFTs with promises of a fun game and a chance to make money. Now, after a year of silence about investing, Logan Paul has begun buying back NFTs from his dissatisfied customers. The 28-year-old says the buyers will be compensated on one condition: that he not be sued. He writes, among other things BBC.

In a post on

“This was not intended to be an investment vehicle,” he now writes.

Logan Paul is just one of a string of stars who have had to wear dog heads in keeping with the NFT trend. Football star Ronaldo It has been sued for marketing NFTs In cooperation with the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

“We will change the world of NFTs and take football to the next level,” the Portuguese star, who now plays for Saudi club Al-Nassr, said in a promotional video for CR7 Group.

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In Sweden, the influential couple was criticized Vanja Wikström And Niklas Malmqvist His last year NFT Alidia World Project.

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