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Apple releases iMovie 3.0.  With features to help you quickly create a video.

Apple releases iMovie 3.0. With features to help you quickly create a video.

Apple just released version 3.0 of the iMovie app for iPhone and iPad with Storyboards and Magic Movie features.

The storyboards will help users learn to free up and improve their storytelling skills. Instead of starting with a blank timeline, you can choose from 20 different storyboards with different types of popular videos, such as cooking videos, question times, product reviews, and news reports. Each storyboard then contains a list where passages are arranged for a particular narration. Each frame also contains an explanatory thumbnail as well as a tip that asks a question or offers suggestions on how to shoot the clip to make it more interesting. To customize the video, it should be possible to add more clips, rearrange them, and delete them as needed.

With the Magic Movie function, users should be able to create beautiful and tailored videos, using titles, transitions, and music in just a few clicks. Apple writes:
To create a Magic Movie video, the user simply selects an album or group of photos or photos in their library. Magic Movie instantly identifies the best parts of the footage and then creates the project. Creators can easily put their own stamp on the Magic Movie. Video by rearranging or deleting clips in Simplified Magic Movie Clip List or Edit Project More.”

iMovie 3.0 is available today for all iOS and iPadOS devices running 15.2 or later.

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