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This is what Tom Hanks looks like in the new 'Pinocchio'

This is what Tom Hanks looks like in the new ‘Pinocchio’

The remake of the 1940s movie comes out in September.

It looks like this year will be a year of dreams for everyone who loves the story of Pinocchio. Not just one but two films will be shown in 2022.

Both Netflix and Disney + This year it will release films based on the lifelike story of the little wooden doll. Although the Netflix version has already received a trailer and release date, it has been pretty quiet about the above from Disney. But now they are sharing a photo and the month of the premiere of Pinocchio.

Tom Hanks in “Pinocchio”. Photo: Disney

In the picture we see Tom Hanks In the role of doll maker Gepetto, the Pinocchio doll looks very similar to the one in the Disney animated film from 1940. In connection with this, the movie was also confirmed to be released in September, but not exactly on what day. This new version of directing Forrest GumpDirector Robert Zemeckisin addition to Tom Hanks, the cast includes, among others Cynthia Erivo, Joseph Gordon-Levitt And the Benjamin Evan Ainsworth.

Netflix Pinocchio Not a live action movie, but a stop motion animated movie. The film premiered in December, directed by Guillermo del Toro. It probably won’t be as warm and cozy as it seems in the Disney+ movie.

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