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This is what FZ is playing this weekend - what are you playing?

This is what FZ is playing this weekend – what are you playing?

Nostalgic Blade Runner, Turtles and Fallen Men.

Last weekend little one track turtle– The festival has been replaced by one with a variety, just in time for midsummer. Whether you’re partying or not, be sure to take some time for yourself and enjoy the weekend!

Of course we also want to hear exactly what you’ll be playing – sign up for the comment thread!

Mike Stranos
maybe run Blade Runner: Enhanced Version and experience joyful nostalgia or remaster anxiety.

Jock Bennett
After a plant and some herring until the middle of summer, it will be comfortable to lie down Blade Runner: Enhanced Version on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed because the Rebreather will revive Westwood’s old corpse!

Joachim Kellmann
play new turtleA game, not least because I can’t stop amused that Mike Patton is the creator of the theme, and that Ghostface Killah and Raekwon also contribute to the music in the game.

Frederic Ericson
I’d lie if I didn’t watch Australian survivors voraciously, but I fall every now and then fall guys. I’m trapped. second.

Robin Anderson
all talk about starfield Made me want to grab outer worlds. Space adventure for all the money in other words!

Johnny Mirren
The computer will get new cooling and a little more, so I’ll see if there’s any time left when I’m done messing around with the subsequent overclocking.

Johan Olander
Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. Javelin is back darling.