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Introduction: "Hellbound" is the upcoming Korean horror series |  Filmzine

Introduction: “Hellbound” is the upcoming Korean horror series | Filmzine

“Train to Busan” director, Sang Ho Yeon, has directed and written the script for the upcoming Korean Netflix project.

After the huge success of “The Squid Game”, Netflix has seriously opened the door for many who had not previously dared to try out Korean series or movies. For my part, in how I feel for years, I have, for example, been teased about how good the ‘Kingdom’ Korean zombie series is.

A few years ago, director Sang-ho Yeon released the zombie movie “Train to Busan”, which combined zombies with the “Snowpiercer” method. A movie he followed up with Peninsula last year. However, he’s now back with the Netflix series Hellbound, which takes place in a fictional version of our planet where supernatural monsters can appear dragging people to Hell. In the same vein, a new sect called the “New Church of Truth” began to appear, whose members claim that these monsters are “angels” who carry out God’s will.

With “Squid Game” in mind, there’s undoubtedly a lot of sentiment of the same kind, though “Hellbound” seems to be a more regular horror production without the same kind of focus on commentary for our time.

The first season of “Hellbound” will consist of six episodes. The premiere is set for November 19.

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Will ‘Hellbound’ Give a Chance on Netflix in November? Feel free to comment below!