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This is how the Men’s U18 WC 2024 is played – across all categories

This is how the Men’s U18 WC 2024 is played – across all categories

Updated on September 11, 2023

This winter and spring, the U18 World Cup will be played for the men’s national team. Below we list the dates, venue and teams for this year’s U18 WC and all its divisions that are part of the WC system of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

U18 WC (Upper Division)

Location: Espoo, Finland
Date: 25 April – 5 May 2024
Group A – USA, Slovakia, Finland, Norway, Latvia
Group B – Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan

Section 1A

Location: Not clear
Date: Not clear
Act: Germany, Denmark, Japan, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria

Section 1B

Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Date: 14-20 April 2024
Act: France, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, South Korea.

Section 2A

Location: Sosnowiec, Poland
Date: 17-23 April 2024
Act: Poland, Croatia, United Kingdom, Serbia, Romania, Netherlands.

Section 2B

Location: Puigcerda, Spain
Date: 17-23 March 2024
Act: Spain, China, Chinese Taipei, Bulgaria, Australia, Israel

Section 3A

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Date: 4-10 March 2024
Act: Turkey, Belgium, Mexico, Iceland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, New Zealand

Section 3B

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Date: 4-7 March 2024
Act: South Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand

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