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This is how the LO and SD unions fight over who is allowed to represent the union - Arbetet

This is how the LO and SD unions fight over who is allowed to represent the union – Arbetet

Following IF Metall’s decision on a group chair at SSAB in Luleå, we list the disputes over the right of the active Swedish Democrats to work or even join the LO union. The issue was also brought up in the suggestions within LO and SD:

Handels took over from the club president

The woman was the club president in a shop in Skåne when she was elected to the municipal council for the Swedish Democrats in the fall of 2018. In February 2019, the Federal Council of Trade decided to suspend her from union duties.

According to Handelsnytt He had previously held talks to try to get her to voluntarily quit any of the tasks.

The union’s argument was that it believed that the policy of the Swedish Democrats was not based on the equal value of all persons and was not compatible with the interests of the union. Therefore, elected members are not allowed to carry out political functions of the party.

The woman appealed the decision, and was tried in two cases higher than the Federal Council. Both walked the line of the Federal Council, The final decision of the jury came in May 2020.

Transfer of an excluded member – tried in court

This case also applies to someone who was elected to the municipal council for the Swedish Democrats in 2018, this time in Kiruna. The transfer went further than Handels and excluded the man from the guild, so it was not a matter of him being dismissed from a guild position.

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The union pointed out that their core values ​​were based on the equal value of all people – and claimed that the activities of the Swedish Democrats were incompatible with working for it.

The man appealed to the Stockholm District Court, which ruled in March last year that the exclusion was invalid because the union could not prove the decision was supported in transport laws.

The ruling has been appealed to the Svea Court of Appeal, with the main hearing scheduled for November this year.

If Mittal sacks the local chief

At the end of last year, Ulf Karlström was elected group president of the IF Metall club at SSAB in Luleå. At the same time, he is a regular member and deputy leader of the municipality’s Swedish Democrats group.

On Tuesday, January 25, IF Metall’s Federal Council decided it could not retain its union mission. The situation is based on the activities of the union which are based on the equal value of all, with which the policy of the Swedish Democrats is believed to be in conflict.

– It is not about him as a person, but the basic view of the Swedish Democrats and their humanistic view is at odds with ours, says union secretary Martin Gunnarsson.

As in the case of Handels, he says they tried to persuade Ulf Karlström to opt out of a task via conversation. But he chose to let the Federal Reserve try the case instead.

– I will most likely proceed with this matter legally, as did Ulf Karlström Expressen said Based on the decision of the Federal Council.

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Debate in National SD Days 2021

Make it illegal for unions to deny membership or positions of trust because of political opinion. Adding “political discrimination” as a basis for discrimination in the law, in addition to, for example, gender and age.

There were two in the motions dealt with at the Swedish Democrats’ national days in November 2021. The party council noted the ongoing legal process against transfer (see above) which had excluded a member and said there was no reason to move forward with the legislation before this was decided.

Regarding the reasons for discrimination, the party council responded that it wanted to end discrimination based on political affiliation, but not through new ground for discrimination in law. Ideally, the party council would want to abolish the current system of grounds for discrimination and replace it with a “simple rule of unfair discrimination”.

After the vote, decisions were made based on the party’s leadership line.

Even at LO Conference 2020

At the LO conference, proposals from Handels to develop common rules for exclusions and suspensions were addressed.

“As suspensions and exclusions become more common, it is important for unions to have a common position on how to deal with these issues. Today, the handling differs markedly between unions. This is particularly evident when it comes to people whose political commitment conflicts with union values, specifically in relation to It concerns the equal worth of all people.”

The LO Board responded that it had taken an interest in the issue and worked to advise the unions. But at the same time, it was said that the council of each guild should be able to interpret and decide on its own laws.

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Consequently, Congress considered that the proposal had been answered.