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This is how modern cargo ships can withstand the worst storms

This is how modern cargo ships can withstand the worst storms

When the forces of nature flex their muscles, it’s important to have the right hull and crew.

Have you ever wondered how large cargo ships can withstand the enormous pressures they are subjected to? any? Here is the answer!

Modern technology and good knowledge of how to build structures. This, of course, is the very basis, but in addition to that there is a lot that you may not think about. Because if large cargo ships are to be able to successfully carry out their transportation operations, year after year, across the world’s oceans, more than that is required.

It depends on the ship and crew

In addition to a reliable ship, designed to withstand the worst possible storms that could catch them at sea, it also required a trained crew and safe hands on the bridge. Something you get from experience and spending a lot of time at sea. But also by practicing on simulators.

Here we can follow the YouTube channel Volatility It takes us on a journey from building the hull to training the crew. A journey that includes, among other things, computer tests of ships, but also as models in test basins. This prepares the ship and the crew for everything you can imagine from the heavy waves, narrow passages and dangerous situations that can arise at sea.

Watch the video!

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