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The day before the studio closed because it “ran out of money.”

The day before the studio closed because it “ran out of money.”

Who believes that fraud rumors will end..?

Four days after that yesterday Released in Early Access, developer Fntastic has run out of money. For this reason, they closed the business, the studio announced on X (Twitter).

Fntastic wrote that there were no financial means to continue operations. The income received must go to the “partners”. Don’t say anything if you intend to refund money to people who bought the game.

As before, Fntastic says it did not make any money from players during development. But running out of money four days after sales started didn’t seem to help them get rid of the scam stamp. Not even it was said just over a month ago that it would be released sharply, and it has now turned out to be completely incomplete.

The future of yesterday And the studio’s previous games Show night They say it’s “unsafe” but the servers should keep running.

At the time of writing, the game is still available for purchase via Steam (no, you won’t get a purchase link). It remains to be seen how long it will last.

since then yesterday It has been filed, and it has been accused of being a scam or hoax. The early movies looked absurdly good, skeptics thought, and others thought the content in the movies came from other games. It then got into a naming dispute, was delayed and removed from Steam.

It was released last Friday – and it was slaughtered by Steam players. That is, those who had access to the game servers, because despite all the controversies, the game was very popular. Which is definitely great for the game makers and their partners. Even worse for buyers who played so much that they couldn’t get their money back in the game.

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