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This is how Brexit affects your economy

This is how Brexit affects your economy

What should I do with stocks and mutual funds?

If you can afford your money, you usually don’t pay to buy and sell because of worries. Joanna Cervenka answers If you are worried about your money and need your money in the short term (1-2 years), this money should not be speculated in stocks.

What about interest rates?

– There are many virtual links. Fiscal concerns and downgrading of Eurozone growth expectations may affect Riksbank’s inflation outlook. This could lead to Riksbank cutting the so-called interest rate path and keeping the low interest rate for longer than Riksbank planned. It affects those who have mortgages or other loans. The Riksbank holds its next interest rate meeting on July 6th.

How will Sweden and Swedes be affected by Britain’s exit from the European Union?

The UK is a very important trading partner for Sweden. The services sector Advisors, financial services and travel currencies grew by 44 percent between 2014 and 2015 and are now worth SEK 58.9 billion. It is not as regulated as trading in goods and therefore can take longer and be more difficult to obtain permission to make a deal. . And what companies hate is uncertainty. Imagine for a second that you turned into a karmic-driven earl realm. Then maybe you are waiting.

How are Swedish exports affected?

The United Kingdom is one of Sweden’s most important trading partners. What matters is how the UK’s exit from the European Union affects Swedish export-dependent businesses and jobs. Sweden is currently experiencing a boom, but if the profits of Swedish companies are affected, it usually affects business opportunities as well.

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How are Swedes’ chances of traveling and living in the UK affected?

– Until new agreements are concluded, the old ones apply, i.e. free movement of the EU. But negotiations on the new agreements will take at least two years, and it is unclear how and when the new agreements will enter into force. It is also unclear whether Britain will be sanctioned by the EU for discouraging other countries from leaving the EU, or whether negotiations will be swift and practical.

What happens to Sweden inside the European Union?

In negotiations with the European Union, Sweden often turns its back on the United Kingdom. Perhaps we will have to find other great powers to turn our backs on. The question is which or which one.