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This FZ is playing this weekend - what are you playing?

This FZ is playing this weekend – what are you playing?

Everyone plays Stray. Those who are not jealous of anyone who plays Stray.

After some really hot summer days, a little cooling awaits, but also a hot gaming weekend. The game that makes editors, and soon the entire gaming world, spin a little extra now stray. This is what most people play this weekend live alive– The remake is also a title that attracts.

Of course, we also want to hear what you’ll be playing – write in the comment thread!

Johnny Mirren
I have already started to play comfortably strayAnd if I don’t make it on Friday, there will be more cat adventures this weekend.

Frederic Ericson
Finding my inner wild cat in stray.

johan lorentzon
We take care of the cat here at home, so take the opportunity to play with the cat too stray.

Valentine Lundin
Maybe a game thing lol. I sing in Sicily, but I brought my laptop just in case!

Robin Anderson
I’ll give the new version a chance live alive attempt! I’ve never played the original, so it would be fun to get my teeth into the new Switch version.

Mike Stranos
Continue my wonderful journey east It also differs with primitiveness air He is jealous of everyone who plays stray.

Joachim Kellmann
Maybe you play more cat in straymaybe interspersed with some board games as well, to be social.

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