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This fall's game-changers have Oumph!

This fall’s game-changers have Oumph!

Week 39 launches Oumph! Two totally unique products in the vego freezer rack. oomph! Döner Style Kebab is a premium quality pea kebab now coming to Sweden after a successful launch in the UK. oomph! Buffalo crunchy bites are the snack product you can’t stop eating.

oomph! Doner Kebab Style Earlier in the fall a successful launch was launched in the UK, with social media hailing with positive reviews such as “your best product so far” and “game changer”.

“We are very pleased with the positive reception Oumph! The Döner Style Kebab has received, with this product we are taking herbal kebabs to a new level. Being kebabs made with peas also feels more enjoyable, as we see greater and greater demand for new protein sources,” Says Henrik Åkerman, Global Brand Leader for Oumph!

oomph! Döner Style Kebab is made with peas, grilled and cut from skewers, just like traditional kebabs. Consumer test result with Tastelab speaks its clear language: New Oumph! Döner Style Kebab is the biggest winner compared to the best selling vegan kebab in Sweden at the moment. It beats the nearest competitor both in terms of product liking in general and is one that consumers feel tastes like real kebabs.

oomph! Crispy Buffalo Bites Tender pieces marinated in hot sour buffalo sauce and covered with a layer of crunchy cornflakes. Buffalo Bites brings to mind the United States and suite culture, and fits perfectly on the TV sofa as a simple, quick, and great dinner with the family.

“When we developed Oumph! Crispy Buffalo Bites, I wanted to create a product that you can eat as food on the couch with your mates when watching a good game on TV. No hassles, no compromise, just damn nice food that is also completely plant based.“says Ankan Linden, product developer and co-founder of Oumph!”

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The products were launched in 39. Oumph Crispy Buffalo Bites comes in a 280g package and is available in ICA, City Gross, Coop and Axfood. oomph! Döner Style Kebab is sold in a 400g package and is available at ICA, Coop and City Gross.

About Oumph!

Brand Oumph! A big favorite in the Nordic countries and the UK. The brand was founded in 2015 in Sweden and produces epic vegan food for a wide audience. In recent years, the brand has achieved great success with awards such as Food Award 2015, Grocery of the Year 2016 and Best Brand of the Global Food Innovation Award 2021. Oumph! Today they are found throughout the Nordic region, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia. oomph! Acquired by LIVEKINDLY COLLECTIVE in the summer of 2020.