Thanks to the high vaccination coverage, many restrictions can now be removed. These include regulations on public surfaces, special rules for restaurants and the recommendation to work from home.

The Special Recommendations for Health Care Personnel: Information for Health Care Personnel and Clinical Laboratories regarding COVID-19 continues to apply.

For individuals, the most important recommendations are to receive a vaccination and to stay home in case they develop symptoms of COVID-19 disease. People six years of age or older should have symptoms checked.

In the event that the situation worsens, there is a willingness to impose restrictions again.

General advice for non-vaccinators

According to the general guidelines that are now in force, adults who have not yet been vaccinated against the Coronavirus – pay special attention to those at risk and people over 70 years of age. This also applies to people who only took the first dose. People who are not immune also need to stay away from other people by avoiding crowds and places where a lot of people congregate.

National general guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19 [Länk borttagen 2021-11-01]

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