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There is no milk for school children in Kiruna

There is no milk for school children in Kiruna

Marcus Wiklund has a five-year-old son in preschool.

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School children in Kiruna no longer get milk for lunch.

Photo: Claudio Bresciani / TT News Agency

After children in Kiruna stopped getting milk for their school lunches, parents came together and bought 15 liters of milk for the children, which NSD was the first to report this. But that initiative stopped, and the municipality referred to “food safety.”

Something parent Markus Wiklund, who lives in Laksvorsen outside Kiruna, believes doesn't rhyme.

– He's completely crazy. It's just nonsense. He adds that they (schools, editor's note) probably buy milk from the same place as the stores.

He criticizes the groups most affected by municipal savings.

– It's as if money is spent on all sorts of weird things that aren't really needed, and then saved for school children or elderly people living in homes. Little people always have to stand up for it.

Municipal response

The Kiruna Culture and Education Council has decided to stop serving milk with food, oven-roasted salmon on the menu and dessert in nursing homes on weekdays. So they expect to be able to save 2.3 million, DN writes.

But there are simple ways to save, says Markus Wiklund.

– The free coffee that municipal employees get costs about 1.5 million, which they have to spend on it instead. You don't need to take advantage of the weakest in society, says Markus Wiklund.

Markus Forsberg, deputy head of administration at Kiruna's Department of Culture and Education, cites several reasons to stop giving milk to school children, as well as to prevent parents from buying milk for school lunches.

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– For safety reasons, we can only receive goods in our kitchens from our regular suppliers, this is a food safety matter. Then it is a matter of taking care of basic municipal activities and how to handle them. “We lack guidelines on how to deal with it,” he told NSD.

But for father Markus Wiklund, there is no talking about it.

-I want them to turn the cow over, turn the cow around and offer the milk again. And bring back the sweets to the old days.

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