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Then Donald Trump kicked out his daughter, Ivanka

Then Donald Trump kicked out his daughter, Ivanka

They have been a constant part of Donald Trump’s inner circle for more than five years, during the presidential campaign and his time in the White House. But according to a dozen people CNN has been in contact with, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are spending less and less time with Donald Trump.

According to a source, Jared Kushner further downplayed his relationship with Donald Trump, as the former president refused to stop losing his election to Joe Biden in November last year.

It was like a parent was getting shorter and shorter every morning when you got used to preschool, says the source.

The issue was not about distance for Kushner, but rather, according to CNN, more because of Trump’s “constant rhetoric of contempt” about the presidential election.

“He’s always been suspicious of Jared.”

Another source says Donald Trump is jealous of Jared Kushner’s book contract, which should be a seven-figure sum. Trump recently said he believes the book’s son-in-law will take credit for much of what Trump has accomplished as president.

– The source says he’s always been suspicious of Jared.

The source says Trump has often underestimated the role Jared Kushner played in terms of his administration’s performance during his time in the White House.

Ivanka Trump and her family have never been seen at Donald Trump’s luxury Florida resort like in the past.

They weren’t in place for the usual spring and summer events at Mar-a-Lago, says a friend of a family friend.

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