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The world's smallest working Nintendo Wii console has been unveiled

The world's smallest working Nintendo Wii console has been unveiled

Nintendo has released miniaturized versions of the classic Nes and Snes consoles, but we haven't seen any smoke from any miniaturization of the Wii. The person who (or just because he thought it was fun) created his own super compact version of the Nintendo Wii is James Smith, alias “loopj”.

Called the Short Stack controller, it is a fully-functional Wii hardware that has been reduced to just 7.4 percent of the size of the original console with the help of custom circuit boards and 3D printed parts.

The Short Stack is not much larger than a standard deck of cards. Image source: loop on github.

The project It is published on GitHubSince all the documentation and instructions are available, with patience, sophisticated knowledge and the appropriate hardware, you should be able to recreate the mini console itself.

Support for Wii wireless controllers

Smith isn't the first to set out to make a miniature version of the Wii – Tom's devices It takes a while to arrive We nano And Kill mi As previous examples. However, none of these mods were as small as the Short Stack, which is largely due to the fact that they essentially stripped down components and used existing hardware to create their own miniature Wii models, whereas the Short Stack uses two custom-made circuit boards (Periflex And We energy sector) to supply power and inputs to your custom Wii motherboard.

So how does it all work in practice? The Short Stack is powered via USB-C and picture and audio work via HDMI. It has Bluetooth support so Wii controllers and accessories can be used, as well as inputs for four Gamecube controllers, although an adapter is needed. Due to size reasons, the mini console cannot be used with Wii discs, but games are accessed via microSD memory cards.

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