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The virus likely came from a lab

The virus likely came from a lab

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The covid-19 virus is more likely to have originated in a Wuhan laboratory than others. That’s what Canadian molecular biologist Alina Chan said when she appeared before the British Parliament’s scientific committee on Wednesday, according to The Telegraph.

Chan, who specializes in gene therapy and cell technology at MIT’s Broad Institute and Harvard University, notes a link between the EcoHealth Alliance and the lab in Wuhan, which worked together to introduce so-called immediate cleavage sites. This virus also has a unique property, she says, namely the cleavage site of furin which is part of the nail protein that helps the virus enter cells.

– In other words: We have here researchers who say at the beginning of 2018 “we intend to put horns on these horses” and so at the end of 2019 the rhinoceros will appear in Wuhan, according to the newspaper.

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Another biologist points out that they have not yet found the animal that may have transmitted the virus to humans (

Several virologists and the World Health Organization agreed that animals are the likely source of the virus (Aftonbladet)

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