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The US Supreme Court has approved voting laws in Arizona

The US Supreme Court has approved voting laws in Arizona

Since Donald Trump lost the presidential election in November, state Republicans have attempted a nationwide offensive to change the country’s voting laws.

In 49 states, Republicans introduced 880 new bills that set new voting thresholds, according to a compilation prepared by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University.

This attack is now meeting real headwinds.

by the majority Six justices voted against three in the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday to uphold controversial voting laws enacted by Arizona. An earlier ruling in a federal court ruled that Arionza’s voting laws discriminated against blacks and Spanish lands.

There are now many indications that Republican attempts to impose similar restrictions in other countries will escalate. Attorney Mark Elias, who has sued Republicans in 14 states over new voting laws, called the ruling a “betrayal of democracy.”

USA: President Joe Biden seems to offer the same explanation. Biden said in a statement Thursday that the ruling makes him “deeply disappointed,” while Vice President Kamala Harris noted that the ruling severely affects racial minorities and blacks in particular.

US Vice President Kamala Harris.

Foto: Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images / AFP

According to several US suffrage experts, that’s exactly the point.

Journalist Adam Serwer of The Atlantic, who has long covered issues of discrimination in the voting system, wrote that the ruling should be seen as the culmination of Conservative Chief Justice John Robert’s long-term goal to breach the Voting Rights Act, the landmark reform of the voting system. 1965 which effectively secured millions of black Americans.

Even the Minister of Justice Merrick Garland criticized the court for “fundamentally weakening” the protections against discrimination that would be guaranteed by the Voting Rights Act.

Conservative activists cheered the ruling. The ruling makes “voting easier and harder to cheat,” said Garrett Pace of the Heritage Foundation think-tank, which has played a key role in Republicans’ attack on stricter voting laws.

Get legal experts Share this view. No serious study has been able to prove that election fraud is a real problem in US elections. Even the insane attempts of the Donald Trump administration to find examples of election fraud after the defeat in the November elections yielded no evidence of electoral fraud.

Many of the Republicans behind the new voting laws themselves have acknowledged on several occasions that the real goal is not to prevent electoral fraud, but to make voting more difficult for groups of voters who largely support Democrats.

Judgment is issued at the same time Some tailwinds to Democrats in Congress, who are trying to get new suffrage protections. Two sweeping bills to strengthen the Voting Rights Act were discussed in Congress over the summer. Already Thursday night, Democrat Mundir Jones introduced a short, concise bill as a direct counterweight to Arizona’s laws.

Ari Berman, one of America’s leading experts on voting rights, compared the ruling to a similar case from 1980, when the Supreme Court also struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act. Then Congress saw it as an opportunity to renew and strengthen the Voting Rights Act, which they succeeded in doing.

“Democrats in Congress now need to do the same,” Berman wrote Thursday.

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