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The United States will not impose any closures

The United States will not impose any closures

Oskar Schager, RTS Sales Specialist.

The pandemic has been a catalyst for the development of the digital workplace. When many workplaces are not connected to a physical place, companies need to ensure that systems and technology work at least when everyone is in the same place. RTS does not tolerate IT issues and helps companies make digital transformation practical and seamless.

RTS is an IT business that, among other things, sells units and handles IT logistics and withdrawals. The goal is to provide workplaces with the necessary platforms for technology and systems to operate safely and effortlessly. The company is the most trusted Nordic partner of VMware, which, among other things, has developed a virtual platform for applications and desktop computers.

VMware has many solutions that ensure a well-functioning digital workplace. The key to any solution is that they focus on the unique needs of the user with the most secure and easy access to users’ work tools on the device that suits the user at any time, while the silver fat experience no longer overburdens the IT department.

The best thing is that users themselves don’t have to manage the systems and from an IT perspective, these programs facilitate when people want to use different types of devices, says Fredrik Hallgardi, team leader for the digital workspace at RTS.

Facilitate users

For a digital workplace to function effortlessly, you need to be able to manage all kinds of devices online via a cloud service. Identity and Account Management must be able to function in order to have a joint account that can be secured and applied to all services.

– No matter if you are a warehouse worker, drive a truck and use digital means in your business, work from home or in the office, everything should be possible to handle on the same platform. The user does not have to call the service desk or go to the office, for example, to change a password or get a new program, says Frederic Halgord.

Competitive advantage

RTS believes that how well a digital workplace operates can have a significant impact on employees’ attitudes towards their work. A flexible digital workplace can be crucial to whether an employee wants to continue working or even use it as a competitive advantage in a new hire.

Imagine that it is instead about the office environment. Do you want to sit with a nice view or in a corner? It’s important that the work is great, otherwise employees will eventually seek to leave the workplace, says Oskar Schager, sales specialist at RTS.


RTS is a comprehensive supplier of IT products, solutions and services with highly qualified professionals, primarily in clients, data centers, virtualization and infrastructure. RTS is the most certified partner for VMware in the North and the only partner with 4 key service competencies in VMware solutions.

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