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The United States and Canada restrict the use of Tiktok to government employees

The United States and Canada restrict the use of Tiktok to government employees

Tiktok, whose Chinese parent company is Bytedance, has faced growing concern in the West in recent months. Tiktok acknowledged in November that some of the company’s employees in China may come across user data, but it claims the Chinese government has no access to the information whatsoever.

“Think about safety”

Canada announced on Monday that the Tiktok app is banned from all work phones of government employees, as the app is “an unacceptable risk to privacy and security,” TT reports. The app will be taken down by Tuesday and the federal government will block the ability to download it.

My guess is that when the government takes the important step of telling all federal employees they can no longer use Tiktok on their work phones, many Canadians, from businesses to individuals, will think about the security of their private data and perhaps make their own choices, says the prime minister. Canadian Justin Trudeau.

Federal authorities of the United States

The White House also announced on Monday that staff have 30 days to delete the app. Last year, a law was passed banning the app on devices used by federal government employees, and some politicians are trying to ban the app across the US.

Also in Sweden

Last week, the European Commission also announced that the app was banned from staff and that it should be deleted by March 15th at the latest. Even in Sweden, government office employees have been asked to delete Tiktok.