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The UK is said to be on the verge of imposing new restrictions

The UK is said to be on the verge of imposing new restrictions

Impact on next-generation robotics, increased computing power and taxi drones. These are just some of the opportunities and trends that 5G brings. We’ve picked five of the hottest tech trends from a report by leading analytics firm, Future Today Institute.

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What does the introduction of 5G mean to us? How should our company respond to opportunities? What should we invest in? These are questions that many organizations are now asking themselves.

One of the companies with the best answers is US trend analysis and futures firm FTI, Future Today Institute. FTI, led by striker Amy Webb, is often cited when it comes to looking at future technology trends.

In the latest edition of “Technology Trends Report 2021 – 5G, Robotics and Transportation,” FTI lists about 50 trends that businesses and organizations should be aware of. Here are five of the tech trends that are by far the most combustible, out of order. Directions in which companies and organizations, according to the FTI, must act now.

The possibilities are with the 5G networks themselves

The new 5G networks not only transmit large amounts of data very quickly. It also makes it more energy efficient and can also prioritize some data transmissions over others. Combined with extremely low latency, which is on its way down in a split second, this according to the FTI opens up telemedicine, robot-assisted surgery and self-driving vehicles as well as gaming and streaming services on a completely different level than before.

Robots in the cloud

One of the great features of 5G is “edge computing”, or advanced computer systems in Swedish. This means that computing power can be transmitted to the “edge” of the network near sensors, machines, and other equipment. This, according to the FTI, will accelerate botnets and cloud-based “robots as a service,” RaaS, like Amazon’s AWS Robomaker. Physical robots will soon be able to share data and code and perform calculations over a network, not as before in the machines themselves. This in turn opens the way for companies to use cloud-based robots in a variety of applications such as security, factory automation, optimal warehousing and logistics management.

Robots become important employees

During the 2020 pandemic, a lot of robots have been installed. They disinfected operating rooms, monitored patients remotely, fetched medicines and provided medicines and assisted vulnerable healthcare professionals. The trend, according to the FTI, is for robots to become employee critical. The institute is also tracking the strong growth of “cobots,” collaborative robots like ABB’s YuMi, which thanks to 5G collaborate with humans.

Use metadata from the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things

All sensors, network equipment, and connected devices in modern industrial environments release loads of data. According to the FTI, this data from the industrial Internet of Things, IIoT, could be a pure goldmine to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and increase the pace of product development. This is on the condition that it is mined, processed and analyzed in the right way, with the increasing support of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Self-driving vehicles and self-driving taxis

Although not all security and privacy legislation is in place yet, the FTI still reports that self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality. The amount of driving data from self-driving cars in a severe operating condition is growing rapidly, making it possible to improve the algorithms that control the vehicles. The FTI also emphasizes that the development of advanced and effective vehicle safety systems is extensive. Another example of the trend towards self-driving vehicles leaving the concept stage is that several companies are now testing prototypes of electric taxis.

According to Björn Lindberg, Director of Radio and Site Infrastructure at Tele2, trends are in line with Tele2’s profile over the coming years.

Although some trends are premature, we believe a lot will happen in the next few years. The rollout of 5G has already increased the pace of community connectivity. We see strong interest from companies and community actors to streamline operations and develop services with the help of 5G coverage, says Bjorn Lindberg.

Do you want to know more? Read the full report here.

Read about how Tele2 Företag enables future innovations with 5G

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