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The UFC is taking legal action against the PFC Pillow Fight League

The UFC is taking legal action against the PFC Pillow Fight League

In the world of boxing, influencer and fan-only boxing has become a huge phenomenon. Competitions organized in Great Britain over the summer were met with criticism.

Now a similar concept has emerged: the Pillow Fight Championship, PFC.

It may seem strange, but in a newly started league, influencers and models are having a pillow fight.

Now MMA giant UFC is taking legal action against the league.

The UFC believes the PFC logo causes confusion because it is too similar to the UFC logo and can be associated with the league.

Dana White calls for the match

But PFC CEO Steve Williams doesn’t think so.

– It’s ridiculous. Of the 100 million comments, he says, no one said anything at all New York Post.

Steve Williams says he is ready to clear up all the wrongdoings with the UFC and its leader Dana White in a pillow fight match.

-I would like Dana to be in the ring. “He’s a decade younger than me and has spent his whole life around MMA fighters, but I’m 100% sure I’m going to step on his skinny ass in the first round,” Williams said.

Since the UFC filed the complaints, the PFC has changed the color of its logo to a more orange shade. But the case is still with the US Patent and Registration Office.

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