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The topic of smart home will be postponed until this fall

The topic of smart home will be postponed until this fall

Matter Initiative was founded in 2019, then under the name Home connected via IP. The goal is to standardize the tools in the smart home and its many different standards under a common communication protocol. Behind this ambitious investment is everything from tech companies like Amazon, Apple and Google to Swedish furniture giant IKEA.

Initially, the plan was for products supporting the standard to be ready as early as 2020. Then it was postponed until the last quarter of 2021, which was announced in connection with the name change to Matter in mid-May 2021. At that time, the units were The first approved is on its way well. However, some Matter products never appeared and it seems that those waiting for the new standard have to wait several more months.

The organization that handles development and work around Matter is now flagged, Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) More delay. This time the delay is due to incomplete work with the Mater Development Tool (SDK). This in turn is due to the fact that more and more platforms have joined the merger with Matter.

Furthermore, we have expanded our efforts to allow the building and validation of over 16 development platforms (operating systems and chipsets) so that Matter is launched with a healthy supply chain of compatible platforms to support new devices, applications, and ecosystems. Communication Standards Alliance

According to Michelle Mendala-Freeman of the CSA, they expected only 4 to 5 platforms, which were expanded to a total of 16. The concept of platforms includes both hardware and software, with support for both different system circuits and different operating systems. The increased amount means that the developer’s code needs to be further refined, to ensure that all parts of the ecosystem work well with each other.

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It will therefore take until the fall of 2022 at the earliest before the first units find their way out. However, Matter believes the delay also makes it possible to offer a wider range of products from the start. During the spring, 130 different units representing 15 different product categories from a total of 50 plants will be tested. There has been talk in the past of everything from light sources to sensors, but also support in devices such as routers and voice assistants.

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