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“The Tenant from Hell” requires a million to move

“The Tenant from Hell” requires a million to move

In September 2021, Sasha Jovanovic rented his guest villa in Los Angeles to Elizabeth Hirschhorn for six months.

– Everything went to hell, says Jovanovic’s lawyer Sebastian Rucci.

When Hirschhorn’s lease expired last April, she refused to move. Since then, she has lived there for free for more than 500 days.

When Yovanovitch tried to evict her, Hirschhorn was able to prevent it by alerting local authorities to violations surrounding the residence.

Hirschhorn’s lawyers say she does not have to pay rent because Yovanovitch “violated the law” by not obtaining permission to rent out the guest villa or planning to obtain permission to shower at the residence.

Hirschhorn seems to have the attitude that “if the owner does something that’s not allowed in the house, you can live there free forever,” Rucci says.

“She’s the renter from hell,” says Rucci.

It takes a million to move

A judge ruled that Yovanovitch would have to pay compensation to Hirschhorn in exchange for her departure.

Yovanovitch offered Hirschhorn $2,000, the equivalent of 22,000 kroner. Its counter offer: 50 times.

“$100,000 is the cheapest way to get out of this press.”Hirschhorn’s attorney, Amanda Seward, wrote to Rucci.

Yovanovitch and Hirschhorn have now filed a lawsuit against each other. Meanwhile, she continues to live rent-free in his guest villa.

– Her door is only a few meters from my daughter’s bedroom. “We don’t sleep well anymore,” says Jovanovitch.

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