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The sounds of 'extinct' birds spark anger among Danes

The sounds of ‘extinct’ birds spark anger among Danes

The sounds are the bird sounds of different types of extinct birds and have been at the site since May. The artwork was created by Ann Lislegaard, who sends sounds from loudspeakers hidden in the area. But the artwork does not seem to impress the residents of the municipality.

In a local Facebook group in Ishøj, several residents expressed dissatisfaction with the artwork and described the sounds as noise. One of them is Reverend Kristen Beck who does not believe that sounds are in harmony with nature.

I think it’s a shame to do something artificial in such a beautiful area. Where there are already some sounds of sea waves and birds singing, TV2 tells Lorry.

Museum director does not agree

Arkin President Christian Geither, on the other hand, disagrees that the sound of birds can be compared to noise. He believes instead that the sound of birds opens up to innovative perspectives.

– Every time we come and hear this audio installation of extinct birds, we’ll think of some new ideas. And that’s what we want. Whether it bothers us immediately. It doesn’t matter that we get a new perspective on our lives, says Christian Geither.

The sound installation will remain on site until September 19.

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