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The Skull & Bones story will not be story driven

The Skull & Bones story will not be story driven

There are narrative parts, but it’s not the focal point.

skull bones It will be released, if all goes well, on November 8. In the FZ preview, it was mentioned that cooperation was the focus of the game, that the development team “All that can be seen through a collaborative lens”.

The story finds itself in the role of the second violin. This is the conclusion that is easy to draw from the words of Ryan Barnard, Game Director. for real achievements It tells us that the game is not narrative driven.

Skull and Bones is not a narrative based game. We have narrative plots – in the game, you will meet important NPCs called Kingpins who have their own stories that you will learn while developing a relationship with them by hiring them. There is a core story of the game with which we build the traditions of the whole world, but that is not the main focus.

Instead, Barnard hopes that players together write their stories and choose “Pirate type” They are attracted to him. What drives the game forward is rather one “shame”-the system. The higher your reputation, the more powerful pirate ships you can build and shoot down.

skull bones In development for nearly ten years. If it is worth it? This fall we will get results.

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