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The shortage of neurologists in 14 regions

The shortage of neurologists in 14 regions

Of the 20 regions that responded to the TT survey on the availability of neurologists, 14 regions were understaffed. Five of them also reported that the shortage was so great that they had to reject patients with chronic migraines in favor of other groups of patients. .

This applies to the three largest regions of the country, such as the Stockholm region, the Västra Götaland region and the Skene region. but also for Östergötland and Västerbotten, According to TT review.

The shortage is related, among other things, to the fact that the need for neurologists has increased both in emergency care and among patients with long-term illnesses. In recent years, for example, patients with multiple sclerosis and stroke have had access to successful treatment.

Patrick Fegren, MD, director of operations at the neurology clinic at the University Hospital Linköping, says neurologists in smaller hospitals often have to go to emergency rooms, rather than actually working as neurologists.

—This leads to neurologists moving to university hospitals, or changing direction during ST to become, say, geriatricians or rehabilitation doctors, he says.

The fact that many regions claim to have a shortage of neurologists is no news for Marina Totma, second vice president of the Swedish Medical Association and president of the district doctors’ union. According to the Swedish Medical Association, the shortage is due to the fact that the regions of the country have not fulfilled their educational mission.

Neuroscience is a good example of cases where dimensionality lags behind medical success. Ten years ago, more diagnoses were made, but there were fewer options for treatment. Today, there are more medicines and treatment methods, and then districts must ensure that more people are educated, she told TT.

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The Swedish Medical Association wants the National Council for Health and Welfare to take full responsibility for planning and follow-up when it comes to training medical professionals. They also believe that the state should be responsible for financing, in order to have equal care in the country.

The shortage of neurologists in 14 regions

There is no shortage: Dalarna, Gotland, Värmland, Kalmar, Örebro and Halland.

Deficiency: Stockholm, Västra Götaland, Jämtland/Härjedalen, Jönköping, Skene, Västernorland, Gävleborg, Västerbotten and Sürmland.

Some deficiencies: Blekinge, Uppsala, Kronoberg, Vastmanland and Ostriotland.

Here, the shortage has led migraine patients to refuse:

Stockholm, Västra Götaland, Skien, Östergötland, Västerbotten.

Norbotten was unable to provide an answer.

Source: TT.