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The ruling Putin's dream - he wants to erase Ukraine as a concept April 22, 2022 - Ekot Special

The ruling Putin’s dream – he wants to erase Ukraine as a concept April 22, 2022 – Ekot Special

In early April, an article appeared in the stream for many Russians. The state news agency RIA publishes an article entitled “What should Russia do with Ukraine”, written by philosopher and cyclist Timofej Sigitsev.

Timofey Sergeev is Putin’s spin doctor

In the article, Sergetsev wrote that Ukraine was ruled by a Nazi leadership – and that the majority of the population was Nazi.

– These are things that may have been thought of before, but not mentioned. But now is the time, says Joanna Milen, a correspondent for Swedish Russia Radio.

In his pre-invasion speech, Russian President Putin said that Ukraine is in fact a Russian territory that was mistakenly abandoned, without consulting the Russian people. Christian Gerner, Professor Emeritus of History, recognizes the pattern in his mind.

It is very similar to the great German Empire that Hitler dreamed of, says Professor Christian Gerner.

With audio archives from SR and SVT.

Actors: the historian Christian GernerProfessor Emeritus at Lund University and Joanna MillenSwedish Radio correspondent in Russia.

Reporter: Marina Nelson Malmstrom

Host: Marcus Nelson

Producer. Julia Joleen Carlson

Technical: Christer Jarnell And Ludwig Weidmann

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