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The regent must abdicate – but he refuses to say when

The regent must abdicate – but he refuses to say when

Grand Duke Henry of Luxembourg.

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The Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg met with the Belgian royal couple during a state visit this week.

Image: Shutterstock/ShutterstockEditorial/IPL

Queen Margaret of Denmark announced in her New Year's speech that she intends to abdicate the throne after 52 years on the throne. The son Frederick took over as king on 14 January.

Grand Duke Henry has been regent of Luxembourg since 2000 when his father abdicated.

– I am a happy man, but I could not choose my fate, says Henry.

He turned 69 on Tuesday. On the same day, Henry was asked whether he himself was considering abdicating. He replied that “of course” he did.

– Henry says: I intend to withdraw in the end.

“I won't tell you that”

The Grand Duke says he will gladly pass the throne to his eldest son Guillaume when that time comes.

– This is all planned in connection with family counseling. “I think it's very important to give young people a perspective,” Henry says.

When asked whether Henry had set a date for his abdication, he replied:

– Yes, but I won't tell you that.

But he confirms that “there are plans and it will happen.”

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