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The Project Connected Home over IP smart home alliance changes its name to Matter

The Project Connected Home over IP smart home alliance changes its name to Matter

Project Connected Home via IP, även Commonly known as CHIP It was launched in 2019 with the support of tech giants such as Amazon, Apple and Google with the goal of unifying the messy mix of different communication protocols for smart home devices.

As a next step, they have now chosen to rename the project to Matter while introducing a new logo and icon. Likewise, the founder of the initiative, Zigbee Alliance, has also chosen to change its name to Connectivity Standards Alliance to better represent the goals they currently have.

Matter is a standardized IP-based communication protocol built on proven technologies, helping to connect and build reliable and secure IoT ecosystems. This new technology and royalty-free connectivity standard enables connectivity between a wide range of smart devices. The material is also considered the seal of approval, ensuring that any object built on this standard is inherently reliable, safe by design, and widely accepted.

The material and its new code should be as easy to identify as the Wi-Fi icon, and decorate any product that supports it. They want products that belong to the same ecosystem to be easy to identify.

They also declare the standard You reach the next stage, And agreed to by the Mater Working Group in an update on the project’s website, they said the first Certified Materials modules are well on their way.

By the end of 2021, consumers can expect, among other things, smart light sources, switches, door locks and thermostats with certification. Tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Huawei were among the first companies to introduce the standard, but also players like Schneider Electric, Smartthings, and Assa Abloy.

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