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The Playdate of the Karnak handheld console has been pushed back to next year

The Playdate of the Karnak handheld console has been pushed back to next year

* The crank is a controller, not for charging the battery.

The Playdate portable game console, with its iconic column, may not be long overdue lately delay Steam Deck, but many see potential in the little machine. Unfortunately, it has become another product in the lagging series, partly due to the prevalent shortage of components in the world, and partly due to the poor quality of the batteries used.

in a trusses On its website, the company behind Playdate, Panic, explains how it’s done. When they received the first 5,000 units, they discovered major problems with the batteries. They didn’t have the battery life they were aiming for at all and some devices just can’t turn on or charge. So they had to stop production to switch to a new supplier of batteries. Exactly the same type of battery previously worked without problems, but Banek says something must have changed along the way.

Now new batteries have arrived, which literally meet their requirements. But despite this, they have to postpone the release of the product, and now the first units that were supposed to be sent out at the end of 2021 will have to wait until the beginning of 2022. One of the problems is the CPU they used, which they used now will not get more Copies within two years. Therefore, they redesigned the console’s motherboard to be able to use a similar processor with better accessibility.

There are also some drawbacks of other components that can haunt them, but they say they are working hard to get around them so they can produce as many Playdates as possible. This is what the delivery schedule looks like at the moment: