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The partnership between Swedish Novatron Fusion Group and Great Britain was initiated by Commodity Markets.

The partnership between Swedish Novatron Fusion Group and Great Britain was initiated by Commodity Markets.

A special partnership between the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) – the UK's national fusion energy laboratory – and the Swedish fusion power company Novatron Fusion Group recently went into full swing.

It follows a new memorandum of understanding signed earlier this year and described as the “embodiment” of the UK and Sweden's wider strategic partnership, expanding cooperation in science and innovation, energy, trade and defense and security.

A letter of agreement was signed by the governments of Sweden and the UK in October 2023 – both countries committed to “explore the possibilities of cooperation in fusion energy” and note the emerging technology's “importance for long-term sustainable energy supply”.

The key actors behind the MoU gathered at the Swedish Ambassador's residence in London on May 30 to discuss the importance of international cooperation in the pursuit of fusion energy.

During a panel discussion Tim Bestwick, UKAEA's Chief Development Officer (CDO) and Deputy CEO said:

“UKAEA looks like it deals with all things nuclear, but in fact we only focus on fusion. We hosted JET, the best European fusion experiment, which ran for 40 amazing years until it ended operations last year. This puts us at the center of many collaborations in the field of fusion. We need fusion research. Not only that, but fusion energy is needed to keep the lights on, and it's part of our role at UKAEA to support all efforts towards fusion, which provides this important energy source, and we're very pleased to be working with the Novatron Fusion Group.

UKAEA is currently implementing the UK's £650 million Fusion Futures programme. The project includes the installation of new facilities at UKAEA's Culham campus in Oxfordshire to develop new technologies and expand the capacity of the fusion fuel cycle. The program aims to promote world-leading innovation while stimulating common industrial capacity through international cooperation and the development of future fusion power plants.

Commenting on the letter, Novatron Fusion Group CEO Peter Roos said UKAEAE offers a wealth of experience after 40 years at the forefront of fusion energy:

“All the obstacles, challenges and bumps in the road – these are the experiences that have elevated UKAEA to the level it operates today. UKAEA is at the cutting edge of many technologies that are valuable to any fusion effort in the world. In the future, I see UKAEA as a “bumblebee” with many connections between organizations that move from flower to flower. , connecting the dots, ensuring that the technology is outstanding. From Novatron Fusion Group's point of view, there are some interesting technical areas that require immediate support, and this collaboration with UKAEA will reduce time, reduce risk and reduce costs.

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