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The Origin of the Earth - Pebbles and Cosmic Dust

The Origin of the Earth – Pebbles and Cosmic Dust

Last year, researchers from Sweden and Denmark suggested in a study published in the scientific journal Science Advances that our planet was formed from pebbles, some of which were sucked together in a celestial body for millions of years. According to this “pebble theory”, as it has come to be called in the scientific world, our world was initially a small planet consisting of ice and coal. When it grew to about one percent of its current mass, the atmosphere became warm enough for the ice to evaporate and destroy organic molecules along with the carbon. Then the Earth began to attract millimeter-sized pebbles from different parts of the solar system, until these pebbles ran out. With this groundbreaking explanation of the origin of the Earth, scientists were able to show that our planet arose much faster than previously thought.