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The opposition nominates the President of Sri Lanka

The opposition nominates the President of Sri Lanka

Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s outstretched hand came after 26 cabinet ministers resigned on Sunday. On Monday, the governor of Riksbank also resigned and only the president and his brother, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, remain in the country’s leadership.

But the fact that two more brothers Rajapaksa and the president’s son have resigned from the government is not enough to quell the anger of the people. On Monday, the major protests that had started since last week continued, and police used water cannons to disperse protesters who tried to storm the Rajapaksa family’s home.

– Ranjith Madhuma Bandara, leader of the largest opposition party, SJB, says people want to leave the entire Rajapaksa family, we cannot go against their will nor cooperate with these corrupt politicians.

There is a growing shortage of food, fuel and medicine, among other things, which the government has described as the largest shortage of essential goods since the country gained independence from Great Britain in 1948.

After last week’s protests, the president imposed a nighttime curfew that was changed at the weekend to a state of emergency, which did not quell the protests.

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